CNA Practice Test – Questions and Answers (Sample)

This test will help you to understand what you should expect from real certified nursing assistant test and will help you to prepare for it. If you can answer successfully to all these questions, then it means that you are ready to pass real test, but make sure that you are ready for it because many people who can pass this test, didn’t expect that real test will be long. So to make sure you can do it, just learn everything and you will be fine.


Which of the following would not cause a licensed nursing aide to have her license suspended?

  1. The nurse aide took a patient’s credit card to pay off a few of her bills.
  2. The nurse aide signed the residents name on a check, cashed the check, and spent the money on the patient’s expenses.
  3. The nurse aide borrowed the client’s driver’s license to get into a bar.
  4. The nurse aide asks a former client for a professional reference.

The nurse aide has been visiting a client in her home. She notices that the bathroom is dirty. What should she do?

  1. Clean the bathroom.
  2. Tell the client to clean her bathroom.
  3. Ask the client if she needs any other home services.
  4. Refuse to work in a dirty house.

Which best states the rights of a disabled person?

  1. The right to live, work, learn and enjoy life as any American citizen
  2. The right to specialized care
  3. The right to special housing and home care
  4. The right to care for themselves

You are caring for an elderly patient who starts to lose interest in the regular routines of daily living, talks about lost family frequently, and complains of dry mouth. These symptoms might indicate which of the following?

  1. Paranoia
  2. Alcoholism
  3. Depression
  4. OCD

Which is an advantage of taking a temperature measure in the tympanic membrane site?

  1. It is non-invasive.
  2. The risk of infection is less.
  3. It is most accurate.
  4. It has a baseline of 98.6°F

Sleep is a part of the human circadian rhythm pattern. What does circadian mean?

  1. Circa means around. Dian means cycle
  2. Circa means about. Dies means day.
  3. Circa means rhythm. Dies means beat.
  4. Circa means hours. Dian means day.

How often must summaries of care be written as directed by OBRA?

  1. At least every three months
  2. At least every six months
  3. No less than six times a year
  4. At least every year

Proper nail and foot care is important for all patients to prevent infections and foot odor; however it is especially important for patients who have which of the following conditions?

  1. high blood pressure
  2. heart disease
  3. diabetes
  4. Alzheimer’s disease

How can the nurse aide best show that she is listening to a client?

  1. Change the subject when the client gets maudlin.
  2. Suggest that she takes her questions to the nurse.
  3. Try to steer the patient away from frightening topics.
  4. Respond appropriately.

Which is the most typical schedule for repositioning a chair-fast person to prevent pressure ulcers?

  1. Every fifteen minutes
  2. Every two hours
  3. Every hour
  4. After every meal

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